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Thread: Any errors using Usb Loader

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    Any errors using Usb Loader

    I got my Wii modchipped and softmodded. Now I have about 10 Wii games that I own myself and want to install them onto a usb VIA the usb loader. My only concern is that the games might turn out a bit stuffed like and with errors like some of the torrents available on the net ( or is this erros due to wii file being converted back and fourth).

    So do you guys know if the games I load onto the usb will work 100% as if it was off the cd.

    PS the reason I want the games I own to be transferred onto the harddrive as My 7 year old son uses the wii and I dont want to risk him updating the Wii to 4.2 as it always asks that when I put certain games inside and I want to avoid bricking the Wii.

    Thanks in Advance for All your help!!

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    Why don't you just try ripping a few of them and see how you go? That's how most people do it. I did just that and found 1 or 2 wouldn't rip so I downloaded the iso.
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    I have a 1 GB limit download as Im on a wireless adaptor as I cant get cable in my region.

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    So any experienced WIIers know?

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    I just rip them to my hdd only 2 games won't work they are the new super mario and lego star wars.....I only had a couple come up with the error 2 code but fixed that by turning the fix error bit on and they all work I just have to fix the super mario and lego star wars and we'll be happy....all my ripped games work exactly the same as on disc and I have the 4.2 version using the usb loader gx

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    If it's the discs asking you to update it's not trying to update you to 4.2 since the latest update on a disc is 4.1. If you use the update part of dogeggs guide in my signature (doing all the steps in order as far as ios60patched, update and preloader... very important) you can use preloader to block disc updates. It will quit bugging you about them and you'll be safe when 4.2 starts showing up on discs.


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