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Thread: Installing MPlayer USB support

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    Installing MPlayer USB support


    I have a new Wii 4.2e and virtually nothing mentioned in this forum works. Everything just hangs or gives an error message.

    I'd like install USB support for MPlayer (I hope MPlayer could even load without hanging then), but how do I do that if Wiimote doesn't work in the installer, which means I can't press A to do the installation?


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    Sounds like you've done something to your Wii which you shouldn't have done.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    what cios are you using for the USB 2.0 support?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sokignano View Post
    what cios are you using for the USB 2.0 support?
    I'm following this guide: USB20 - mplayer-ce - Configuring your Wii with USB 2.0 support. - Project Hosting on Google Code
    All installers have had Wiimote working except this one. I could install this cIOS if I could press "A".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tealc View Post
    Sounds like you've done something to your Wii which you shouldn't have done.
    Just followed the Full hacking guide for 4.2, nothing more... Now I'd like to get MPlayer running, but so far to no avail.

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    Heres what I did.

    Ok, first you want to download these files.

    MPlayer CE
    Hermes USB 2.0 202 cIOS
    Extract the contents of the hermes cIOS_Installer.rar to your Apps folder. Run the Hermes USB 2.0 202 cIOS Installer from your Homebrew Channel.


    You need internet access for this next part.

    The first screen will be a warning screen prompting you either to press A or turn off your Wii (or something similar)

    Next the program will download and install the apropriate files.

    After that your Wii will go back to the Homebrew Channel.


    Extract the contents of the MPlayerCE V0.76.rar into the root of your SD card. The file structure should look like this.


    Next load the Homebrew Channel and MPlayer should be an option to select. And Booya!

    You can then load video files from either your SD, USB, DVD, SMB, or FTP as well as play regular DVD's. I've tested files off the SD card and played a DVD and both worked great.

    Also if anyone knows where a WAD is of MPlayer please let me know.
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    but does it play divx from usb hdd?

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    Yuppers! I like a charm


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