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Thread: Noobie question about Wii64 - clarification req'd

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    Thumbs up Noobie question about Wii64 - clarification req'd

    Kinda new to this, but I'm learning everytime I mess!!

    Anyhoo, running HBC.

    Before I jump in with my clown-shoes, I would like clarification on a couple of things.

    I've downloaded Wii64 - I haven't installed on my SD card yet, but I'm happy I know what I'm doing there.

    My *LIMITED* understanding is that for the ROMs, I can put em onto a boggo DVDr. Is this right?

    Also, I'm running my Wii Backups of the GX Loader USB app with my WD hard drive.
    Can I put a folder on there with my Z64 roms, and run them off the HD?

    Thanks in advance,


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    you need a fat32 partition on the HDD to put the roms inside. if you have a fat32 partition on the hDD you can also put pretty much any HB app in there and run them from HDD.You run wii64, browse to the rom and load it. simple as that. you can also put them on DVD theoretically


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