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Thread: New to Wii Modchip

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    New to Wii Modchip

    I am looking into buying a modchip. I was thinking going with the Wasabi wii modchip. I like the idea of being able to "update" it via DVD. I have the D2C Wii. If any one knows where I can buy a pre-soldered Wasabi to a wii-clip, please let me know. I have had a hard time finding someone that sells a pre-soldered wasabi chip. Also if any one hinks i should go with a differ modchip please let me know.

    Wii: D2C NTSC-U

    Thank you in advance


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    There currently NO Wii clip available for wasabi that is working yet. D2CKey and D2Pro are said to be able to update via DVD as well so you might want to look into that.

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    Its right there on Wii Clips site and has been there for a few weeks......

    KPzze - Wasabi with the clip is what I have on order myself. Here is the link..

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    Order update


    I was actually looking into buying the Wasabi with clip from the same website. Can you let us know when it arrives and how long it takes. It seems like that site has had some problems lately shipping things out.

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    no one confirmed it working yet. You might want to wait. If you have a d2c wii why not just us D2Pro or D2CKey or even D2CPro those works wonder.

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    I changed my order...

    I got a WII about 3 weeks ago. I spent 2 of those weeks reading up on which chip is the best for long term, ease of install, and just plain works as intended. I was set on the WASABI but after reading forums it seems that even the pros have had much hassle with them. Me (not a pro molder, but I know how to solder and have had success with my ps1 and ps2) did not want to mess with putting this and that in and tweaking with this wire etc to get the WASABI to work. So I decided to get the new 9 wire D2PRO, because if there is one thing that everyone seems to agree on is that the chip works as intended, and it isn’t that hard to install.

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    Thank you guys for the updates and let me know how it works for you or if you find any better options.....

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    Got My D2Pro today. Spent about 2 hours soldering it in but it works perfectly. Originals, backups, NTSC, PAL, etc. Flawless I must say. O and i got the new D2Pro 9 wire.

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    So, numonic, what made you decide to get the D2Pro over other easy-to-install solderless chipsets combos such as the D2CKey?
    I'm not sure where to get a D2Pro/wiiclip combo for a decent price so if you know let me know please
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    we have the d2pro9 wire installed for $100 or if you are looking for something cheaper we have the d2ckey installed for $80. might be cheaper than buying all the stuff seperately and doing the install yourself


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