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Thread: send it in?

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    send it in?

    ok softmoded friends wii trying to get preloader on it bricked kept saying 60 was not right cant get savemiifrii to work black screen only. will a mod chip work or will i have to send it in? i tryed gc controller on mine so i know it would work but nothing on his. had 3.4u went to 4.1u installed a cios installer and it restarted, there was the black screen. also saw someone talk about a motherboard replace? thanks for the help

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    Since savemiifrii is out, hold reset when you power on to see if you can access preloader.

    Also watch your disc light when you power on and see if it flashes twice quickly or only once. (This will tell us if you have boot2 or not)

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    so pre;oader never installed it gave me something like ios60 is trucha fixed or something like that i ran trucha bug restorer but could still not get preloader to install so i tryed install cios corp with cios 9,11,12,13,14,15,17,20,21,22,28,30,31,33,34,35,36, bug fix 37,38,53,55, thats when i restarted and hit the black screen. and no 2 blinks i installed hackmii installer v0.6 only as iosthanks again.

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    k so it doesnt look to good for me thinking these are my choices send it in, or maybe will a drive chip and last chance unbrick disc work or if i cant even get the recovery screen to pop up will nothing work, next question if nintendo is going to charge me for a new one should i just get a board for $130. thanks for all the help and i will try to stay as far away from cios corp as i can.


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