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Thread: WiiScrubber Help

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    WiiScrubber Help

    I finally got my wii (i'm from the USA) fully soft modded and working off a Harddrive with Wiiflow & the USB loader by waninkoko (hope i got that right) i dump games onto the external hard drive from there.....i recently bought New Super Mario Bros Wii (you dont have to believe me about buying it i dont care lol and i'll bet not many will care either) and i ripped it through that and started Wiiflow and clicked it and when i started it it says theres an didnt give me what type of error just said take the disc out and turn off the console

    so how do i get New Super Mario Bros Wii (and if this is a new copy protection im betting COD:MW Reflex will have it and plenty more) to work off my harddrive??? would WiiScrubber work??? and if so i've tried it but i'm having problems with it.....could someone supply me with as step by step guide?? if the guide doesnt help i think the program doesnt work properly on my O.S. so one like it that may work better on Windows 7???

    I hope i didnt miss the post where someone covers this, but i really did look around and i didnt find anything that helped Help would be appreciated.

    Take Care guys

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    yep there is a whole thread with over 1500 posts about it in the games section.

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    well i guess i didnt look good enough, now i feel stupid......really sorry

    Thanks for that.


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