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Thread: New Super Mario Bros on Modchip

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    Cool New Super Mario Bros on Modchip

    Hi guys,

    I have read the post stickied here in regards to running New Super Mario Bros.. but the guide says how to do it on a modchip whilst using softmod.. is there any way to get this working currently without using softmod? purely just a modchip.

    E.g. is there a way to modify the ISO to remove the protections?

    Perhaps im just a little confused.. appreciate help if anyone can help me =)

    The chip im using is Sunkey Lite

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    There is currently no way to run a backup of New Super Mario Bros on a modchipped Wii without performing a soft mod. I was in the same boat as you, as before NSMB I never needed to do any softmodding because I had a modchip. This game is different and has a new protection mechanism.

    Regarding the stickied post you mentioned, I just followed it and had my Wii running NSMB in about 10 minutes. I just used bannerbomb to install the homebrew channel, download Gecko OS and put it on the homebrew channel, and put the code to bypass the protection in a codes folder in the root of my SD card. No need to work with IOS or cIOS.. a pretty clean and easy solution for me.

    Hope this helps a bit.

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    Oh nice, so all you needed was homebrew channel and Gecko OS? Nothing else to worry about? Excellent, I might do that instead. It's just with Wii's I have softmodded previously it's been pretty painful and things still don't work

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    Yes I think that is all you will need for the game to work. Since the protection in the game is supposed to make it crash with an error in about 5 minutes, and I was able to play the game for hours via Gecko OS with the code enabled, I would assume the game's protection was successfully bypassed. Good luck getting the game to work.

    Oh and I used a clean, unpatched NTSC ISO file if that helps you any.

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    hardmod fix

    Is there any plans or methods in the works for a hardmod firmware fix for the BCA protection?

    Quote Originally Posted by davepm View Post

    It is assumed (and confirmed by some) that the modchip manufacturers will also introduce fixes for this.
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