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    No version found (385)

    Hey folks I've been searching all over the forum for this problem.

    I followed the guide step by step but stupid me installed preloader before the
    60 patch. Now the problem is, is that I cannot get the wii system menu to pop up. Also I cannot get wifi access to to the 4.1 upgrade. So far what happens when I boot up is I get the preloader popping up. which is ok right but when I try to do the systemmenu hack i get "No hacks for your systemmenu (385) were found" So thats a bummer. Can anyone help me get through this issue? I've done 3 Wii's so far and this one is a pain in the tookus! Thank you so much for your time.

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    You have succeeded in bricking your wii with the dreaded 3.4-preloader brick, the worst brick of them all.

    You did not follow the guide "step by step"

    Backup and format your sd-card
    Place wadmanagers boot.dol in sd:\
    Download IOS50 v4889
    Download System Menu v385 (3.4u)
    Place both wad in sd:\wads
    Hold reset and boot wii
    Click load/install
    Load bood.dol
    Wadmanager should start, select ios249
    Install Ios50 first
    Install System Menu second
    Go back to the 3.1-4.1 guide linked below
    Do step 4 and step 5, installing ios60patched, then upgrading to 4.1, then installing priiloader.
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    If I could I would reach right through this monitor and kiss ya. Thanks sooooooooo much. You saved my arse! Thank you ..........Oh and Thank you!


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