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    SSBB Problem

    I recently purchased a Solderless Wii-Clip D2CKey modchip. I first tried out the multiroombootcd thing for the gamecube that I had burned and it seems to recognize the backup. However, when I burned Super Smash Bros. Brawl onto a dual-layered CD, it keeps saying "unable to read disc." I set all the options the way it presented it in the forums and used Verbatim DL+R DVDS and its still not working for some reason. Has anyone encountered anything similar and/or could help out in some way?


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    i would say it because of the speed you burn it at. or you coulda get a fake verbatim. I bought original Brawl so i don't really know about the back ups. Try burining it at different speed. if you're burning at 2x-4x try 6x or 8x

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    Didn't Work, anythign else?

    I tried to burn it at 8x, that didn't work either...Anyone have any other suggestions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by yahoowizard View Post
    I tried to burn it at 8x, that didn't work either...Anyone have any other suggestions?
    Dual-Layer discs haven't taken off in the market for one reason...they are unreliable. Try to find a DVD5 (single layer DVD) iso instead. Or try a different brand of dual-layer. Hit up the tech forms (not the mod scene) and see what manufacturing seems to be producing the best dual layer discs. Also look into updating your CD-Roms firmware. Burn as slow as possible even if it's at 2x and takes an hour. It'll be worth it (obviously).

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    you could probably gotten a bad iso. Try to get invite to they have reliable isos. I've alway download from them. And I downloaded NFS: Pro street from other torrent site and it froze on me while i was playing and it was changing song it keep sayig loading so i figured what happened. and yeah use a good burner with latest firmware alway key to good back ups and slow burn speed will help the life of your laser. I've alwayburn mine at 6x but I'm thinking about reducing it to 2-4x.

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    Hmm, does the DVD5 handle 7.4 GB iso files? And, I already trid two different iso files from two different torrents, both at about 1x speed with the best brand of CD's i read up on, Verbatim. For Mario Kart, I had to do several things to the iso file such as using Wii Update Manager, Regionfrii, and other things. Do I need to do anything to this iso to make it work, or am I just supposed to burn it unmodified?

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    What region is your wii? and where did you get your modchip from? You don't have to modify the disc with regionfrii or anyting if it game from your region and which is alway best idea to stick with to prevent bricking of the wii. I don't really know what wrong with your SSBB other than just media problem or iso problem. Only problem wiht back up ssbb i ever heard was on the wiikey but they made a update and fixed it.

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    My Wii is usa NTSC and i got the solderless D2Ckey modchip. Most other games are working, but I just think I got one of those Wiis that just can't recognize dual-layered discs or something like that. I was just wondering if there had to be any modification to run it. Seems like there isn't...

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    burner isnt that good so use a different one and it could worked like a charm
    if u have a different coputer try it on that transfer the file with a usb drive
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    yeah may be burner problem o.o


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