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Thread: Modchip Stopped working Need HELP!

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    Unhappy Modchip Stopped working Need HELP!

    So I play brawl like everyday and yea my wii has fell from the vertical position to horizontal by being kicked, but then one day the modchip (Wiikey) just stopped working. My chip can still read originals but not any of my backups. What should I do? Just to let you know, I have not updated anything, my backups just started to stop working.

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    what kina chip do you have? o.o

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    Wiikey, I put the word in parenthesis in my post.

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    didyou update yoru wiikey yet?

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    Read my post, I have not updated my wii, one day after wii played back-ups perfectly and the next day on it just stopped reading my back-ups. I think its my soldering points, maybe one of them has got mest up or something.

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    I said your WiiKey not your wii. -_-

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    oh, my wiikey is 1.9g and it can't read any backup disks meaning it can't read 1.9s so wiikey update has nothing to do with it.

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    UPDATE: My wii somehowread brawl and I played perfectly. Turned off the game and booted it back up and it stopped working again... Oh Yea my drive sometimes doesn't accept disks. It goes in comes out half way and then goes in and then shoots the disk out (real or fake).

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    have you open your wii and check the chip's solder points?

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    I guess that's the problem, its just that I don't know how to solder and a pro did it for me. If I were to do it myself, do I just tap the solder point(that needs soldering) with the soldering iron(after tipping the solder) and voila? Do I need flux?

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