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Thread: help me please

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    help me please

    we have a d2pro chip in our wii pal version,

    i stupidly tryed putting the new mario game on it when it asked me to update so i did but now it wont let me go into settings i think i have semi bricked the kids wii so could someone please please help me before the kids kill me..

    as simple as possible newby here

    thank you from the rainy u,k

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    Do you have preloader (hold reset when you power on your wii) or bootmii as boot2? (disc light will flash twice quickly when you power on your wii)

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    dont know mate ,,

    we bought the wii pre chiped nearly a year ago everything working fine until
    yesterday when i tryed loading mario bro ..

    is there a easy fix. it still plays all our backups but it wont let me go into settings now it says something about opera..

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    Normally an update from a disc from your region would fix this issue, but since 4.1 is the latest out on disc, and you can't get a update to 4.2 through the internet and re-softmod (4.2 is still not recommended btw), it seems that you really need boot2 or preloader. I described how to see if you have them in my last post...

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    If your wii is not softmodded with hbc, bootmii or preloader, you will have to wait until a new game comes out in your region with the 4.2 update. Or you can softmod your wii and fix it yourself.

    If you want to softmod you can follow the 3.1-4.1 guidebelow.
    However you will not be able to bannerbomb the hackmii installer. So use SSBB ntsc, and the "smash stack", or use lego indiana jones with the "indiana pwns" to run the hackmii installer. Once you have done that you can follow the guide as normal.
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