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Thread: First wii screen during mk

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    First wii screen during mk

    I used dogeggs awesome 4.1 softmod guide and most games work great but some like squeeballs and excite truck, I go to load through usb loader gx and get a imet header wrong error. And mario kart loads but after the safety warning the screen goes black and hangs. I'm thinking I'm need an ios but im not sure. Did I sofmod my wii wrong?

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    for mk I have both IOS33-64-v1040 and the 36-64 ios installed and still get the black scree. As for the header problem any ideas

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    I'm not sure what the IMET Header error means, but I'm also getting it. I didn't start seeing it until I updated USB Loader GX, so I'm thinking it has something to do with that.


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