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Thread: SoftMod Question

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    SoftMod Question

    So I have softmod my wii 4.1 with ( weeks ago. I needed an emergency SD card so I ended up grabbing that one and unload all the wii files for this softmod onto my computer.

    So a quick question. do I have to redo all those steps if I basically recopy all the files back on the SD card.

    My back up games seems to work due to my drivekey i think, but one of them stopped working (animal crossing). So i am wondering if I needed to redo all the softmod steps since i had to unload and reload the SD card?

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    No need to re-do the steps on the Wii if you've already done them, the modifications you have made to the Wii are now in its internal memory, just re-copy the files back to your FAT32 formatted card and you're good to go sir!
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