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Thread: Does Multi-Gamecube Disk Work on Softmod?

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    Does Multi-Gamecube Disk Work on Softmod?

    Hello all. I recently have been playing some Gamecube games on my Wii and ran into some post where people say they have put more than 1 GC game on one DVD. I Researched it a bit then Downloaded Multi Game Iso Creater. I Tried to make a Muti Iso DVD but when i put up the DVD and get the menu where i am supposed to pick the GC game i want to play there is nothing in there and when I push A it send me back a menu.

    Is multi Disk GC games for modchips only or does it work on softmod wiis too?

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    A disc containing multiple GameCube games can be played by both hard and softmodded Wiis. The problem might be in game compatibility or a problem with your disc creation. Check here:


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