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Thread: Use 1 SDHC card for Triiforce

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    Use 1 SDHC card for Triiforce

    I wasn't sure where to put this, as it isn't really a tutorial.
    I just said I'd post it up because I haven't seen anybody suggest it, and it might help a few people make use of their cards.
    Its just an easy trick to use an SDHC card to load your games in Triiforce.
    All you need is and SDHC card and a USB reader for it.

    If you haven't set up Triiforce and installed your wads yet, then follow Sinyk's tutorial first.

    After this, insert your SDHC card in the slot.
    Load up Triiforce.
    Now you're at the menu where you select where to load the NAND from.
    Eject your card from the Wii, and insert it into your USB Reader.
    Then insert the reader into the Wii's usb port.
    Now choose to use the USB NAND in Triiforce.

    You should now have your list of games from the card.

    I've tested this myself and it works.

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    Interesting. You could also have triiforce just load from your sdhc card-in-usb-reader from homebrew or using a forwarder that looks on the usb device. It's not really a fix for the triiforce not working with SDHC cards, more of a work around that would be equivalent to using triiforce off of an external HDD.

    Interesting idea though.
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