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Thread: NIB Wii help

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    NIB Wii help

    I have done searches, research and read until my eyes bled but cannot figure all this out.

    Just got a Wii today. Serial is LU66xxxxx. I have finals this week so I am not going to open it cause I will just play it all day!!

    I know that if it has less than 4.2 then DONT MESS WITH IT!!

    Here is my question (or more): When doing initial setup, will it ask me to update to 4.2? If so, how do I keep it from doing so?

    If i get lucky and get one with less than 4.2, how do I keep it from autoupdating? I read that turning off the internet connection does that but I want all of the internet features!! Also, is there anything that 4.2 has that the others dont? I read that it will make the wiishop stop working. That is a feature I want!!

    At this point, it looks like there are ways to get around 4.2 anyways so is this really that big a thing to worry about? I just want to run backups from a USB drive, thats all!!

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    4.2 is the same as 4.1 but with loads of homebrew countermeasures.

    You can install a shop channel that will work on 4.1 once it's modded.

    You can have the Wii internet connected but avoid Wiiconnect24. Also avoid the shopping channel until you install the latest wad.
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