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Thread: New Guy, but a Old Modder. 4 Easy questions.

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    Us New Guy, but a Old Modder. 4 Easy questions.

    Hello World,

    To start with, I am use to the modder's lingo as I use to install chips on ps2's and xbox's about 5 years ago. Now that you have a general feel of my abilities I have a few questions.


    I am buying a Wii for my baby sister (12 years old). Over the years I have expressed the importance of keeping your cd/dvd media in their original cases. Even though she know's this she is at times lazy and the media get's scratched up. I have taken this into consideration and I have decided that if I do indeed by her a wii, it will have to be chipped so I can be assured my investment will be a good one. Knowing this information I have a few questions.

    1. How do I find the model/version number for the wii [for chip choosing purposes]? Is this located on the box or the console?

    2. Say I went to Walmart or another console vendor, what is the likely hood of buying the latest wii model? Would it be better to purchase an older/used Wii? [i ask because i am under the impression that the newer versions of the wii don't support many of the modchips currently release, correct me if im wrong Please]

    3. Which vendor (modchip seller) should I purchase a chip from if I am in the USA?

    4. What modchips would you recommend regardless of wii version (eg. your favorite modchip)?

    Please note that I am comfortable with soldering. However solderless chips are preferred for simplicity.

    Thank you for all the help. If I am able to, I will +Rep/Thank you.


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    Cant say much about modchips as I softmod my wii, it was very quick and easy to do and holds a lot of features and functions itself. Also on the plus side you dont have to open the wii, thus voiding your manufactuers warranty. Its worth checking out how to softmod and weighing up your options... to start you off, softmodding is free lol.

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    did you click that big banner near the top of the page? if i were into modchips, i might check that out.

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    I honestly dont think him softmodding the wii is the way to go though just for the simple fact that if something was forgotten and a disc update came up, his sister might do the update which in turn could very well cause some softmodding to be erased. The same could be said if she got into the wii settings and did a full system update. That would basically wipe out softmodding completly. Just remember that even when your doing any kinds of mods no matter if its opening the casing to install a modchip or if your doing softmodding, basically your warrenty is voided anyways.
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    Ya I am not worried about the warranty of the system. However I just need to be able to make dvd disc backups. Having the games on dvd will be easier for her to figure out. She is not a wii hacker lol so simple is the best bet.


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