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Thread: Wiikey 2 + 4.2U, it's working

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    Ca Wiikey 2 + 4.2U, it's working

    Hi everyone, I've just update 4 Wii with 4.2U and it's working pretty well, the only thing is that they can't play PAL and probably Japan games anymore but that wasn't a problem since the people who has those wii don't play import. The 4 wii in question where modify by myself with Wiikey 2(yellow sticker), I was skeptic at first but when I put a wiikey 2 in a console that has already 4.2U and that it worked I give it a tried. Now I have Rock Band Beatles that work and I'm gonna tried some others games that did not work in the past to see if 4.2U settle the problem.

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    I just burn Guitar Hero 5 and it's working now

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    same problem

    have a wiikey2 in mine when i update to 4.2u it wont play pal back ups? makin me mad any way to get around playing pal backups on 4.2u?

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    cannot get my friends t play nsmb, soon as disk goes in , I get the black screen error sauying disk is curropt. 4.2 U with 1.3 wk2


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