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Thread: Questions about upgrading

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    Questions about upgrading

    I have a wii with a D2Ckey, running 3.1J. When I first got it chipped, I was warned not to upgrade the firmware because it would brick the wii. However, i think some of the newer games need newer firmware, and I was wondering whether it would be safe to upgrade, since many people say you can't brick your wii unless you upgrade with a different region's firmware. If it is safe, what would be the best way to upgrade, and to which version? I hear that there are issues with backups on 4.2.

    Thanks for any help you can give

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    4.2 is somewhere you don't wanna be. And you do not need to update your console to play the newer games. For the most part it is usually the IOSs that need the upgrade. Other than a few games that require patching or alt.dols.


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