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Thread: Downgrading a FlatMod

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    Downgrading a FlatMod

    Hi there,
    Totally newbie on the softmod scene but i think its the only solution to my problem.
    What i did :
    Install a Flatmod on PAL Wii, put in a USA New Super Marios Bros.
    Ran the update.
    Semi - Bricked my wii..
    I have been reading through the huge amount of threads here but i still don't know exactly what to do.
    I just purchased a SD card (2gb) in the hope that i can install this softmod and run a program to downgrade me so i can install a PAL update.
    I have started the tutorial here :
    But nothing here tells me how to downgrade my firmware.

    Any help will be much appreciated !

    p.s. yeah yeah i know i should have check the region before d/l !

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    Ok i just installed the homebrew.. and some dvd thing.. and some miiloader with boot2... now it is like.. backing up my NAND..
    Clueless but hopefully i am going in the right direction !

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    For anyone that wants to know how i fixed this :
    I installed the homebrew stuff and the dvd thing and the boot 2 thingy.
    I then downloaded the downgrade, look under 4.2 to 4.1 Modify any Wii 4.2 & below -
    I did that, but i didn't get the choice of IOS249. so i just used what it defaulted on .. which was IOS35.
    i installed the files like it said.
    then my wii was 4.1 Pal and the system menu was working.. but still not working on backups..
    So i uninstalled all the homebrew and the dvdx and the boot2 thingy.. so nothing was left. (except my flatmod ofc). Then went into system and connected to my wifi.
    Updated the console and its now on 4.2 PAL working perfectly.

    Blagged my way through that little fuck up nicely i would say


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