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Thread: Changing the wii menu theme

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    Changing the wii menu theme

    I know there already are a lot of topics about this subject,
    But not one works for me,
    The files like preloader and softmii just doesn't work because I get a lot of errors..

    So can someone give me please a good, clear guide with the working files and how to install them ?

    Thank you

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    first thing to do before going anywhere NEAR menu's and themes is to install preloader, bootmii (preferable as boot2, and make a NAND backup).

    Messing with themes is dangerous and one of the easiest ways to brick your Wii.

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    ok, thank you.

    I think I will leave it like it is..

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    I agree with davePM, it's totally not worth having a snazzy theme. Just leave it as is.


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