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Thread: softmodded myself but prob with 2 games

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    softmodded myself but prob with 2 games

    I softmodded my wii using the "wii softmod for dummies" way. I then installed usb loader.

    The first 2 games i got were new super mario bros on a USB that just gave me a green screen, and cod mw reflex which i burnt to dvd and also would not play.

    So i thought oops not modded my box properly.

    I then just downloaded trivial persuit for usb to test and boom... IT WORKED.

    I then downloaded Mario Kart which i burnt to dvd and boom... IT WORKED

    My question is.. Have i missed something out in my steps? As it seems so far only those 2 games give me Green screen and freeze wii.

    Installed the "wii softmod for dummies" sd card mods. Then i updated Cios 38 rev 14. So i have Backup Loader, Usb Loader + few other apps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by junkmailturds View Post
    While i am new to modding wii's i am not new to how forums work!!

    I have searched and i have looked at tutorials. I have seen that people had similar problems with the same games. I have not seen anyone saying how to fix this problem. If i had found the answers i would not be asking.

    The only mention of a possible fix seemed to be someone mentioning that u need cios 38 rev 15 for super mario but rev 14 for cod.

    Also people mentioned that it could be because ntsc + pal issue. However my box is pal, And i have downloaded pal versions.

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    I'll assume you missed this guide by davepm with over 1500 posts and probably as many success stories... It works. Here's how.


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