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Thread: hacking a wii without the internet?

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    hacking a wii without the internet?

    i am going to south africa for christmas and i know my nephew has just got a wii... it will be a virgin wii, not sure what system type, anyway they do not have the broadband so no internet connection for the wii, i have cracked my wii with the twilight hack, but it needed the internet to complete all the installs..
    so my question is: is there a package that can crack a wii without the internet connected that can provide HBC and Loader gx?

    and if so what ones?

    thanks in will make a seven year old very happy!

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    Most tutorials will have you updating from whichever System menu you have and that's what usually needs the Internet connection

    You just need:-

    Hackmii Installer
    Trucha Bug restorer
    cIOS38 rev 14
    USB Loader GX

    There's no package as such to download that gives you just these items but you could just grab the 3.1-4.1 softmod pack but don't do the update or Preloader installs.
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