Background info: I have a brand new Wii which I have updated from 4.1E to 4.2E. I'd like to be able to play Wii/GC games AND nes/snes/n64 roms both from a USB harddrive.

To the newbie-questions then. Let's assume that I follow messies awesome 4.2 hacking guide all the way to section D3. After that I'd be able to play Wii games from a USB-drive via USBLoaderGX (is this correct?), but what about GC games and roms? USBLoaderGX and the different emulators need to be on a SD card but the roms are a questionmark for me.

Also if I stop at that part of the hacking guide, how likely am I to brick my Wii? As the console is so new I'm confident I'll have to install Bootmii as an IOS. If bootmii is installed as an IOS what are the different ways I can brick my Wii? Would system update be fatal or would that just remove HBC, Bootmii and the lot? Would I be safer (from banner bricks etc.) if I would run the USBLoaderGX and emulators from the Homebrew Channel and wouldn't try to add them as individual channels? Would using Virtual Console and other "genuine" stuff cause potential problems?

Preloader would be installed in the 4.2 guide after D3 but the directions seem to be much more complicated and also there seem to be loads of dire warnings. Would preloader offer much more safety in my use? Also, some people seem to say that priiloader would work better than preloader. Any thoughts on that?