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Thread: Problems with WiiFlow and Fat32 partition

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    Problems with WiiFlow and Fat32 partition

    Hello everyone. First of all I have read all the posts regarding problems with WiiFlow and I my problem still wasn't addressed.

    I have a USB hard drive and I divided into 2 partitions, a large WBFS partition and a smaller Fat32 partion. I copied the WiiFlow directory to the fat32 partition and have copied several games to the WBFS partition. When I plug in the hard drive WiiFlow works perfect however I am unable to change themes.

    When I put the HD back on my computer both partitions show up but now the FAT32 says it is not formatted. I then format the FAT32 partion again and again copy over the files and the same thing occurs.

    Both partitions are primary and I have set the FAT32 as active.

    Please help

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    I don't know if this will necessarily help you out, but this guide here should provide you with a lot more information in regards to partitioning and usage of FAT32 and WBFS together on the same USB device. Wish you the best of luck with it all : )
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    Thank you for the link. It was a good read but the wtbs is ok it is the fat32 that I have a problem with. Do you have WiiFlow installed and working with both partitions? I just need to know how to properly create the partitions.

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    Does anyone have any ideas? How has everyone partitioned their drive? I would like to know what sizes you have used and how the partitions are setup.

    Thanks in advance

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    I figured out the problem. Somehow the SD card also got the wiiflow directory. When I deleted it the wiiflow directory on the USB was used instead. Would like to know why wiiflow would create the directory on the SD card when it already existed on the USB drive. According to the directions the wiiflow.ini is created at first run.

    Problem solved...thanks

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