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Thread: Crackling noise coming from the wii....

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    Crackling noise coming from the wii....

    I orginally did the soft mod upgrade on the forums by dogegg. I had been using USB loader GX with the mod for about 4 months now. Then all of a sudden I get this crazy cracklin noise coming from the wii. It is not coming from the wii console but from the sytem menu and through every game I play. The noise gets louder as it loads the selected program. Then quites down after loading but never goes away. I made the wii a virgin again and even used an official update to see if the noise was a program issue but it was not. Still doing the same thing. I think it is a hardware issue and wil have to get it repaired for the $75 that nintendo is asking for. Anyone have any better ideas?

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    I'd say your probably just unlucky. You say it makes the noise through the selected programs, so it's not a laser issue. I don't know much about the innermost workings of the Wii, give it time though and I'm sure someone will be able to help you. But, in my opinion, I think you've just struck a bad Wii and repairs by Nintendo would definitely fix it, however you could be charged extra for modifications to the Wii, not to mention the upgrade to System Menu 4.2.
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