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Thread: Mplayer foward channel cannot get it working error dsi

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    Mplayer foward channel cannot get it working error dsi

    Hi everyone, i have just recently installed mplyer etc. Here is the problem i have, if i run mplayer via homebrew it works 100%. But if i use foward channel everything works until i push the home button. When i push home button i get the error Exception dsi and aload of code. I have uninstalled the channel reinstalled it still does not work anyone got any ideas on how to fix this??



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    What kind of a channel is it? Have you tried downloading the program WADder? It's simple to use and is reliable : ) With it you can inject the "boot.dol" of the MPlayer CE app from your SD card directly into a channel so it's not a forwarder but runs exactly as the Homebrew app will.
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