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Thread: USB LOader GX USB Prob

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    USB LOader GX USB Prob

    Hi All

    I have a Seagate USB drive that i have formatted with WBFS Manager and uploaded a few backup iso games.

    USB Loader GX (latest version) works and i can play my backups games from it but when i power the wii off and on then reload USB Loader GX it cannot detect hard drive.

    When i plug back into my PC load WBFS Manager it can see the Wii backup games. I disconnect reconnect to my Wii and it works. but again when i power off the wii and back it cannot detect. So its one time detect then its lost.

    Anyone else had this prob before or know what the go is.

    Thank you
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    Have you checked to see if the HDD is compatible? Overall, the Seagate HDDs have been troublesome in non-PC use. The newest 1.5TB model seems to be recovering the reputation of the Seagate drives in the Wii softmodding world, but the most of the others are less than reliable for Wii use.

    You can check for compatibility info here:USB Devices Compatibility List - WikiTemp

    Just a few check items: use the outermost Wii USB port (left or bottom depending on the Wii position); designate the WBFS partition as active and primary. The WBFS partition is either the only partition or is the first partition.
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    When you power the wii on again does the HD spin up ok. Is the HD in a self powered usb enclosure or have it`s own power supply?.

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    Fixed it by trashing the old Seagate and bought a 320GB 2.5" Western Digital. Boots up everytime now.



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