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Thread: 4.1U causes issues with wiikey 2

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    Unhappy 4.1U causes issues with wiikey 2

    Wii currently at 4.1u with wiikey2 installed (no softmods)and cant play any new games

    resident evil archives
    astro boy
    call of duty modern warfare

    can still play older games but receive error that disc cant be read. Also cant read the wiikey recovery disc (not sure if it is related).
    Wonder if there will be any way to resolve this with out softmod.

    Any input would be appreciated.

    resolved the problem, removed and reinstalled wiikey and everything works again. Seems weird that all older games would work but not any newer ones but everything works good now.
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    Arrow 4.1U causes NO issues with wiikey 2

    wii4.1 update does not effect the wiikey2's ability to play any games
    just most modchips cannot play the nsmb

    can still play older games but receive error that disc cant be read.

    disc prob( scratches, dirty, or poor brand od gaming disc degraded
    or dvd drive prob..if your poor quality dvds...laser or laser motor prob

    if your are not using verbatim or Taiyo Yuden dvd-r dvds but are using memorex, maxcell,philips,fuji..etc..over time will kill your laser and/or the motor

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    using yudens, 4.1u is the problem


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