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    Question Dvd-rw

    hey people of wii hacks,

    my friend and i were swaping games and we copied the IOS of super mario bros (torrented but cant find again) and a boom blox (copied using USB loader 1.1).
    We copied the Super Mario Bros using imageburn on a DVD-RW disc, it worked for him before but it failed this time for me. We tried it again at a lower speed and it also failed to load on the wii.

    we know that its a bad file but is there a way with the RW disc that i can delete the bad file and load boom blox?

    By the way, i have the new windows 7 and im not sure if it could just be an error in the software but its not reading the IOS files when i open the disc.

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    RW dont work on the wii.
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    crap, i wish i didnt just screw up 2 good discs then, thanks


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