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    So to insure all games run properly would it be best to install all the updated wad files for the different ios's? from what i have read it would be safe to "update" ios's lower than 200 but just do not remove them does this sound correct??

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    IOS 38. 53, 55 & 56 only. Do more and you could brick.
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    tealc, thanks for the info if i apply these and the 249 from the guide will it still work? and where could I find information on the ios files etc. to understand more how the system works and how and ins and outs of the iso updates what's in them and how to create an ISO patch..thanks again. one last thing I have searched the forum and obtained the IOS updates indicated an will update them via my wad manager, just wondering if there was a place where the latest and greatest are kept and updated of if the forum search is the way to go? what does wad stand for???
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    oddgriffin, thanks that link explains a lot but I still have a question it metions that the system uses ios in the 30-50 range and 249 is used for homebrew applications however 220 is used when usb loader is used to allow for the use of prefial devices for rock band etc. it also sounds like when you install the ios you are not “overwriting” the old one just adding another one parallel to the one that exist, so when you apply cios’s your are just installing an additional function or redirection in that register not replacing the old ones, so when you replace IOS 38. 53, 55 & 56 are these going in the 249 slot or are you amending the actual wii ios’s? can I install the 249, 220, and 38,53, 55, & 56 without bricking?? And on a side note where can I find the original IOS from N and the how would I read the info in the IOS??


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