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Thread: How to play Monster Hunter 3 online on 4.2U

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    Unhappy How to play Monster Hunter 3 online on 4.2U

    Okay...I have Monster Hunter 3 on my wii and I can play it perfectly with USB Loader + CFG or uLoader (any version above 2.7 as that is all ive tried)

    I am trying to figure out how to change my region so I can play it online but everywhere I've looked on the internet I keep reading things that just confuse me...for example...if you change your region all your wii shop channel games will be gone and ive invested about 50 bucks into that thing...

    I also keep hearing you cant change your region back???

    Can someone point me to a guide or help me yourselves with this...please answer all my questions and thanks in advance

    BTW...ive tried every option on USB Loader + CFG and none of them let me play online...PLEASE HELP

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    rofl, you dont want much do you? answer all your questions?

    obviously you need homebrew to change your shop region or wii region etc, OMG I'll lose my $50 of games? If you had homebrew in the 1st place you wouldn't have had to shell out that $50.

    Start searching the forums, the answers are here. I won't spoon feed you.

    Make another thread and feel the consequences.

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