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    The last thread was closed (not sure why) maybe stupid ? I understand the difference between the IOS and ISO(disk image) however when following the guide it talks about the IOS 249, however it sound like you need to update the other associated IOS’s to makes sure the other titles still run properly, is it best to reinstall all the IOS latest versions? And what is the best method I was using the wad manager is that the best way? What does wad stand for anyway??

    What does the system menu refer to the version of the WII (ex. 3.2, 3.3, etc.) is this the version the disc was orignally run on?
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    1. there is no such thing as a later ios version, they are released occasionally when something needs updating or to do something

    eg, ios38 was released for wiispeak etc, ios 53 and 55 were for titles like need for speed etc, ios 60 for GH5

    ios249 is used by programs to allow you to install other stuff.

    Just use wad manager,

    if you need more information search, or go here

    ps threads are being closed to help with all the clutter, question is asked, question is answered, thread gets closed.


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