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Thread: The Beatles Rock Band

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    The Beatles Rock Band

    OK, so I am basically either blind or going senile, but I have yet to find a thread that tells me what I need to do to get this game running, or any Rock Band, Guitar Hero game for that matter.

    I have a SoftModed Wii 4.1u system and I could really use a guide on what I need to do to get, at the very least, The Beatles running. I am using USB Loader GX and have the Error 02 and Do not allow Reload on and all I get is a black screen.

    Any help with this is greatly appreciated.

    I've been very close to updating the System Menu to 4.2 and following the SoftModding guide for that just because of how frustrated I am at this point. My entire library works fine but not these games.

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    your missing the ios needed to play the game. Install ios 53 and ios55 (not sure which one that game uses).
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