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    Hi everyone,
    Im new on zone, and today or tomorrow, Im planing buy a Black Edition Wii.

    After a bit to read the forum, I noticed that you can turn the wii, putting a homebrew channel, and even put to work as a media center.

    Once you know that you can run games from a Hard Drive, my decision to buy the console that was decided by it.

    I'd like to ask a little help, for what applications I install and are recommended, only need the names because I believe that the links can easily find here in the forum.

    My idea was able to run DVD's
    Running games from a portable hard drive
    Use wii like a "mini-media center"
    Some important applications or useful

    Another question, now I have an Iomega 160GB 2.5 "Silver USB Portable Hard Drive that contains Seagate Momentus 5400.3. This is compatible with the console? If compatible I can use them to save games and other files not belonging to the Wii, using as a portable disk like I use or may only be usable for the wii?

    I'm sorry for being a more open post, only I am really new in this world nintendo

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    usb loader gx,

    do a search for hdd compatibility, I've posted the link many times.

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    First, softmod your Wii following this tutorial:

    At Step 1, include the DVDx install as part of your Step 1 process.

    Following a successful softmod, then use this guide to get your HDD setup:

    For the media center you will also need to install MPlayer CE 0.76:


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