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Thread: 4.2 bootmii/NeoGamma47/HBC/issues

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    4.2 bootmii/NeoGamma47/HBC/issues

    hey, i know i have low poasts and i just look like im hit and running here, but i usually have no problems upgrading/soft modding my wii and im just having some issues i cant solve.

    I used these tutorials on a 4.2 Wii (NTSC) dunno if that matter:

    Everything went perfectly. I installed HBC as a IOS. I went to boot NSMB with NeoGamma r7 and I get an error that says: "Error: No DVD (n)" I was wondering if i may have burnt the image wrong somehow or not slow enough. I burnt the iso at 4X, and i got the same error. Does my iso have to be patched in order to work? im totally not sure. And if thats not the case, should I downgrade my wii to a 4.1 if that makes a difference. And could someone link me to a tutorial of downgrading a 4.2 if one exists because I couldnt find one using the search feature.

    P.S. Does installing HBC as a boot2 make any difference what so ever?

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    You have your apps a bit mixed up. HBC installs as a channel and enables homebrew apps to run. Bootmii is installed as boot2 or IOS and is used to make a NAND backup to provide brick protection.

    For help with NSMB:


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