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Thread: help with ISO's??

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    Thumbs up help with ISO's??

    Ok being a newbie just wondering on a couple of options, I have searched the fourms and have found out that to run some games you need tho have a peticular IOS (Disney sing-it ISO220 for example), I followed the instructions on the softmod and it works perfect however there are some games that freeze? if I download and install the latest ISO's 220 etc, will they automatically load with the game or dO i have to select the ISO every time?? where is the best place to find updated iso's? and when a game freezes where is the best place to start the troubleshooting?? thanks in advance...

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    Read through this thread. In addition to the list and its obvious benefit make sure to also look at Tealc's first post describing ISOPatcher and WiiScubber to identify the IOS used by a game.

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    Install IOS222, it will get your USB microphone working. Check out the link in my signature.

    You freezing issues - do you use a Disc or USB loader?

    And, I think you are confusing IOS and ISO.
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    ISO or IOS

    I think your right what is the difference, and if I activate the IOS222 it will be activated all the time now right? Or will i have to do it every time?? thanks again..for all you help..


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