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Thread: No USB device

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    No USB device

    Everything I have done to my WII I have mirrored on my friends although we both bought day one and we are both on 4.1e and literally they are homebrew twins when I tried to get his usb launcher compatible it says usb device not found?????

    I don't know what to do for him, I have his Wii here now cos he had trouble I thought it was my instructions but I am stuck too. Should I virgin his machine and try from scratch and if so HOW?

    Thanks for any help you guys have never let me down.

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    You mention your Wiis are twins, how about the USB HDDs? If not, check the USB HDD compatibility using the link in this guide:

    Make sure the HDD is formatted properly, the WBFS partition is the first partition and is designated as active and primary. Also try a different version of USB Loader GX and before giving up, try a different USB loader.


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