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Thread: Can I softmod my Modchipped Wii?

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    Can I softmod my Modchipped Wii?

    Hey guys and gals, I have a wiikey2 in my wii which works great. My question is can I softmod my wii with the chip? I installed HBC yesterday using 4.2 guide, but get stuck in part B, trying to uninstall 249? keep getting error message. I moved on to the "if these don't work, try this" part, but it was late and seemed a bit confusing cause I'm new to this whole soft mod part, It looks awsome though and that's why I want it. thanks.

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    The error you're getting might be in the error index in my signature. Give that a shot.

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    i jus softmoded my wii which also has a wiikey 2 and it went pretty smooth never got no errors at all


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