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Thread: Wow nsmb.. Stuck at wii remote screen

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    Post Wow nsmb.. Stuck at wii remote screen

    Hello all, I've spent a hell lot of time just getting NSMB to start.

    And W00t.. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.. i see the wii remote strap screen.

    Then I move on just a little bit further.. only to find that my wii is stuck at the "Hold wii remote sideways" screen... i would say it hangs.. but the fact that the home button still functions... i don't know if i can consider it hanging..

    I've tried a hell load of usb loaders (GX)... can't seem to get this to work..

    Specs --> Wii System Menu 3.2U --> Unpatched NTSC ISO

    all help is appreciated..

    and if your going to tell me to google it... i've been doing that for about a week.

    Thx =D

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    If your trying to load the game using disc method, youll need the patched iso version thats for that method.
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    I'm trying to load it via USB Loader GX... the rev is above 830.. i forgot which one.. i think its in the 840's

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    Sry.. i just need desperate help.. BUMP

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