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Thread: Problem with Neogamma

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    Problem with Neogamma

    Hey there.
    I have Neogamma (both R7 and R8 (beta 15, i think)) and I tried to load some backups I downloaded. Call of duty 4 and Muramasa worked fina, but New Super Mario Bros. Wii (who would have guess?) and Wind Waker (GC) gave me a green screen, and then the wii restarted.

    What should I do to play NSMBW? I've already checked the guida, didn't help, and I donwloaded an already scrubbed game. And what about GC games? How can I play them?
    Neogamma recognizes both games, but it can't load them! It just gives me a green screen! Other games work, but what should I do to make these 2 work?

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    Afaik gc games are not loaded through neogamma. you need gamecube launcher.

    As for NSMB a green screen can point to region issues.
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    Actually, on NSMB, i have a PAL wii, and the game is PAL. What else can it be?
    Oh, and about GC launcher, is there any guide on the forum about it?


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