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Thread: rename title in USB (WBFS)

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    rename title in USB (WBFS)

    Hi, I was wondering if there is any app that can rename all the title in the USB device (in WBFS) to it correct title (official title) by getting it title online some where. I haven't found anything yet.

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    Do you mean the title of the game name?
    For instance Wii sports says SportsGame something something (Don't remember what it exactly says.) and you want to change it to say wii sports?

    If this is the case you can change the name of the game in USB Loader GX.
    To do this just click on the game, and when you see the disc click on the title right above the spinning disc, and you should be able to change game title.

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    You can change the games title to its correct one using WBFS Manager just like you would rename any file on your PC.

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    Yes, I want to rename the title just like "Binxy" example but I am looking for some automate way. Yes, I am lazy.
    I saw/used this feature in WBFS Manager 3.0 & USBLoader GX.

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    There isn't a way to do this.
    Is there really a reason to?
    Out of all the games I have I have only had to change the name on two games. Wii Sports and Wii Fit.


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