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Thread: 3.2U or 4.1U ?

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    3.2U or 4.1U ?

    Currently softmodded 3.2U (for long time now) with cIOS rev14. Should I upgrade to 4.1U or not?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ballswell View Post
    Currently softmodded 3.2U (for long time now) with cIOS rev14. Should I upgrade to 4.1U or not?
    why do you think you want to? you don't have to. if you tell us why you think you want to maybe we could guess if it is right for you.

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    i think it does not hurt to upgrade to 4.1, u get SDHC card support and the SD card menu.

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    I was in the same place as you were a couple weeks ago when the NSMB hit the scene and i decided that what the heck why not... Here is a link to the tutorial that i used and everything works fine... what i would do though is everything that the tutorial says even the NAND backup....

    i use USBLOADER GX and everything works great and like "dami" said you get SDHC support and the SD icon in the bottom of the wii menu...

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    Thanks for the replies. I have softmodded several wii's on many different versions (including 4.1u and 4.2u) and can't really see a difference either way. I use USB Loader, and SD Card a lot. The SD card on wii main menu doesn't really appeal to me, so I think I'm going to stay on 3.2U for now.

    Thank again, it's nice to hear different input's every once in a while.


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    I get sdhc support with 3.2
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