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Thread: Installing wad files?

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    Installing wad files?

    Ok, I must be thick or something but how do you install WAD files?

    Ok Wii is softmodded see sig for info. I can load games via usb hdd using Neogamma and WiiFlow but I can't get USB Loader_GX to work. The reason I want USB Loader_GX to work is so I can rip a game from disc to hdd. or can I use something else?

    I want to uninstall and then reinstall USB Loader_GX because I used the update feature to upgrade to r834 i think that's the revision it showed, anyway, when I come to load USB Loader_GX it shows the revision as r807 and then fails with an cIOS error of some sort then a dump screen.

    On my SD card I have the folders:

    • apps
    • codes
    • config
    • GEEBOX
    • images
    • mame
    • private
    • txtcodes
    • WAD
    • wiiflow

    in the WAD folder I have a USB Loader GX r815 - ULNR.wad file and would like to install it, so how do I please?

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    You don't have to install GX you know, you can run the boot.dol version by renaming the rxxx.dol to boot.dol and running it from apps like any other Wii application.

    Wad manager is the tool for installing wads, you must have used it already to install your softmod.
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