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Thread: Are all new "X-Mas" Wiis shipped with 4.2?

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    Are all new Wiis shipped with firmware v4.2?

    Or more to the point, and ready for the onslaught here, but which should I buy first, a Wii or the mod chip?

    Now hear me out:
    I'll be going back The States for x-mas for a few weeks and plan on spending my hard earned euros there.
    One thing I wanna get is a Wii, since $200=133 euro. Also while there I figure I should pick up a mod chip, for the same exchange-rate reason.

    But I'd be ordering both online, to be shipped to my folks in S.F., so I'd do it in advance in order to guarantee that I'd have in time before I head back to France.
    Given all that, and reading here that 4.2 makes things more difficult with mod chips, could someone confirm whether or not the Wiis being shipped right have 4.2 firmware, or are still at 4.1?

    Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I'm not even a n00b yet: I'm still Wii-less!
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    don't know if they will but there is an excellent guide for modding a 4.2 wii it takes about 15 minutes to do you do not need a mod chip just an sd card. the only thing i have found that will not work is it will not play my dvd films but i'm dam sure there is a valid reason for this and sombody on here knows what i have to do but haven't . merry xmas.


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