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Thread: Is it Safe to Update

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    Is it Safe to Update

    I have a wiikey installed & have had the wii for about a year but not used it much.

    I have played a number of back up games all PAL using it.

    I have only ever updated the wii twice, once when i 1st got it & just the other day when i bought WiiFit it wanted to run an update which i did.

    What i wanted to know is if i keep my wii updated via my internet connection will this render my wiikey useless. In other words do the updates stop the modchips working?

    On another note is it possible to play NTSC games on a PAL wii?

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    As long as you update from your region, and update your wiikey you should be fine, as is explained in many....many other posts around here.

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    thanks for the update mate

    i have to admit i tried to do some searching but was a bit crap at it

    can you please point me to some info regarding updating the wiikey as i know nothing about this

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