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Thread: Copying Wii HDD to my new HDD

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    Copying Wii HDD to my new HDD

    Hi everyone,

    My brother is serving overseas in the military and I want to send him a Wii formatted hard drive full of games to use on his Wii there.

    Here's my question, is there a way I can copy all of the games on my Wii HDD to a brand new HDD that I can send him without having to manually copying each game again.

    What I'm thinking is a full clone of my HDD to the new HDD? I want to simplify things for him so when he opens up his Christmas present , he can just play it right away.

    I read the faqs and I understand that the Wii HDD is formatted in a different format and will not recognize in Windows.

    So is there any way of cloning my HDD to a new HDD?

    Thanks in advance


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