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Thread: Help with my modded wii 3.4E!!!

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    Exclamation Help with my modded wii 3.4E!!!

    Hi everyone

    Im a noob big time and have a few question for anyone!!!

    I have a wii 3.4e with homebrew used by bannerbomb, i did everything with th tbr pac so i could run and use usb loader config, i have come up to the point where i need to formatt the hdd but have come up to a problem!

    My partner want the new super mario bro wii game b ut i have heard things about the update and that it can brick the wii and so on? also that it cant play great off the hdd like after 7mins it crashes????

    Is there anyway i can do any mods to prevent this? as i dont wanna brick the wii as it was a present to us!!!

    Also if there is a chance ( i know this sounds crazy!!) i can reset/reformat the wii to factory settings? so its fresh again???

    Sorry for being a noob and it being long! just really need to know!

    Thanks guys

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