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Thread: HELP would be greatly appreciated

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    HELP would be greatly appreciated

    hey everyone i'm on a 4.2u Wii and i decided to softmod it with Bannerbomb and it all went well but the main reason i softmodded it was i wanted to play my games straight off a harddrive (so convenient, specially if the disc gets scratched beyond repair *shedding a tear for my Wii Sports*)

    so i started researching what i needed to do and it all seemed extremely easy, i think i've managed to patch/install some of the correct IOS's but i cant be sure....all i can say is i've got quite a few error's and a few successes....My wii still works and i desperately want to do this, because if i cant then i just softmodded it for nothing and then when the next update comes around i wont be able to bypass the update if its on a game i really want to play and then im screwed.

    i installed the hombrew channel, DVDx & Bootmii as an ISO

    i kinda got really messy trying all kinds of different cIOS isntallers and virtually none of them worked...i did manage to install 222 which i understood unlocks the USb ports for a hard drive but i'm still having trouble with DVD Dumper & usb loader i.e. they dont load.....just a black screen and i have to restart my wii.....ohh and i guessing virtually everything is relevant, i got my wii about 3 or 4 months after launch & i updated to 4.2u not long....ask any questions you want if you're willing to help

    i also understand that the 249IOS is a fake or "stub" so i tried the Pimp my Wii 1.31 and clicked run test and patch, it kept going until it had error's i thought i bricked my lucky there....then i did minimal installation and chose the IOS 61 (youtube video of someone with a 4.2u so i trusted it) it all seemed to go fine and then i downgraded the ISO15 and it was successful....but nothing seems to be different, when i just run the test on Pimp my wii it says which IOS's have been patched or installed or if it replaced a Trucha bug just a name for patching?? because it also listed which IOS had the trucha bug fix

    So anyway that's about all i can remember, i didnt do much else so if anybody can help me then please do

    here's what i want to be able to do

    1: be able to dump my games onto an external Hard drive (probably a 300GB or so, and ill format it to Fat32) and i understood DVd dumper is the one i'm looking for but im guess i didnt get the right IOS because it just goes to a black screen

    2: Some type of USB loader so i can play the games off of the external Harddrive once they're on there....i think i've already opened the USB ports to this but on the off chance i didnt please run me through that too please

    3: Wad manager: i understand this is how i install these Homebrew apps as actual Channel's on the Wii home screen, i already have Wad manager v1.5 and it works but i havent done anything with it.....i also assume that the apps have to be in .Wad format for me to be able to put them as a channel, am i right?

    that about covers everything, anything i missed that would be necessary to know please ask and ill answer to the best of my knowledge.

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    Have a look at Messie's guide to hacking your 4.2 Wii, it may help you fill some of the gaps.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    I havent seen Messie's before i'll definitely give that a try, and thank you so much KaiEnix i lost that very link you just gave posted

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    Thanks for you're help man but for some reason i kept getting an error with the guide you gave me.....i blame myself more so then the guide though

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    @KaiEnix, thanks dude it worked......already testing backing up a game onto the SD card and then off to the store to get a HDdrive lol

    i cannot say thank you enough!!!!

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    No problem buddy, the best program I have found to use to backup wii games is configurable usb loader.... is fast and awesome, but remember to format your usb device with WBFS Manager first.

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    for some reason USB loader gives me a few problems every now and then but i found the Wiiflow....which looks pretty damn good too

    and the second i connected the hard drive to the wii with USB loader on it said i had to format to WBFS so once again THANKS so much!!


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