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Thread: New Super Mario Not Working

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    New Super Mario Not Working

    Hi everyone. I can't seem to get New Super Mario Bros. to work even after numerous readings of the guide.

    I am trying to run it as a disc on NeoGamma R8 beta 15, with IOS249 (Rev 15). The game is patched (according to the torrent uploader I got it from anyhow). I have placed the two patch files in a folder titled "neogamma" in the root of the sd, as well as various other locations and turned on search for patches with no luck. When I try to start the game with neogamma, an error of text overlays where it usually says "Force Video Disc" , making it hard to read the error, then neogamma restarts.

    Please help, I can't think of what else to do at all.

    Thanks in advance.

    Edit: When I run the game in neogamma r7 it just shows a green screen and then shuts down neogamma. No error is displayed.
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    Hi poptarthunter well I had same problem and what I did was I went back to IOS249 (Rev 14) and it worked a ok.
    regarding game its self I used wii scrubber,patcher and blocker I never placed any patches on sd card all on game iso image hope this helps

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    Thanks a lot that's probably the problem I'm having. Are you allowed to post a link to a download for rev 14?

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    beat Super Mario

    I jsut downloaded the newest version thats out for Super Mario from the nzbs. I used no patching or anything like that. I have REv 13 and used Usb loader GX. At first i was frustrated thinking I had done something wrong but apparently my wii didnt like any of the NeoGamma versions, 12,13,14,15. Try didnt combinations of loaders until you find the right one. ALthough I am having a problem with Wii Sports Resort, it loads up fine and then just reset to the wii menu? any tips?

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    There is a guide to this game with over 1500 posts in it. Please post all nsmb issues there to help reduce clutter.

    And to the person wanting the link to cios38rev14, it's in my signature.

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